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Today the wigs are worn for various reasons both occasionally and daily and can be worn both for practical reasons, for example when you do not feel or time to style your hair, and for necessity, when the absence of hair requires the use of the wig as a prosthesis. Hair loss, both by man and woman, may be due to the very common androgenetic Alopecia that due to cancer treatments (chemotherapy) that, finally, due to alopecia areata. In the case of Androgenetic Alopecia, baldness manifests itself in degrees and very slowly. So here is the need, when you feel the aesthetic need, to mask the effects of the fall with a whole series of interventions that can range from real interventions of microsurgery of autotransplantation to the partial or total wig of type classic or very sophisticated type that is literally glued on the glabra area of the skull. In the case of sudden and induced baldness as a side effect of chemotherapy, the use of the wig, especially indispensable for a woman, is essential for a certain aesthetic serenity that favors the overall serenity, already strongly undermined by the disease that, today, is increasingly evolving in a positive way. These wigs will generally be of a classic type, both synthetic and natural hair and mounted on a retina and provided with elastic parts to better adhere to the head. In the case of alopecia areata, both at the moment of maximum manifestation of alopecic patches and in the case of Alopecia Total (AT) or universal (AU) the use of the wig as a prosthesis is indispensable for a woman and sometimes of a very heartfelt need for men especially at a young age. A modern wig can be made of both synthetic hair and human hair. In the case of synthetic hair the most valuable fiber is the monofiber that is anchored to a support, usually on the net, which is worn in the manner of a headset. In the case of human hair, the quality and type of processing is important. A human hair can be of the Eastern or Indian type, thicker and of lesser value, or European, more valuable. It can be natural and untreated or bleached, colored, ironed etc. and this decreases the goodness of the final product. For example, a blonde or brown wig can be made with an Indian hair originally black raven but, of course, will have a lower quality than a wig produced with a naturally blond hair and not bleached or treated in any way. As for processing the wig can be done by machine or by hand, with mono-capillary or multi-capillary knots, that is, taking one hair at a time or more hair at a time to attach them to the supporting retina. The less hair you take by processing point, or knot, and the more natural the appearance will be. It is extremely important the assembly technique that can be mainly of two types: with hair all in the natural direction or, much less valuable, with the hair assembled taking them from their half with the result that one half of the hair drops in its natural direction while the other half is contrary. Today, on the thrust of more comfortable prostheses, there are on the market different types of prostheses with a plastic or similar support that is literally glued on the skin. These products, which can be of a certain comfort for people with androgenetic alopecia, in which there is never hope of regrowth, are absolutely not suitable for people suffering from alopecia areata because there is always the possibility of regrowth even spontaneous (without care) and a glued prosthesis could damage the follicle that decides to regrow his hair. For those who suffer from total or universal alopecia areata is more suitable a prosthesis of very modern conception composed of a thin silicone canopy, an even thinner layer that mimics their skin color and is made exactly on the mold of the skull of those who must wear it. The hold in place on the garment is guaranteed by a glue and double-sided tape that allows both baths in the pool or at sea or sports with hair in the wind. Add to this a natural untreated hair of excellent quality, so the final effect achieves the best you want for those suffering from total or universal alopecia areata.

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